Our 6-Step Process

With you from concept to completion

Our home building process has been designed to ensure that your needs are met, from inception and design through to construction and occupation.

We work closely with you to ensure that your new designer home is exactly what you dreamed it would be.

During the initial consultation, we determine the best approach for your needs. This can be a custom home design, or you can select from our extensive range of home designs.

Our main objective is to obtain a comprehensive design brief, including:

  • Type, size and style of your home
  • Preferred siting on the land
  • Design ideas, pictures, sketches
  • Land information, lot size, dimensions and specific requirements and/or restrictions
  • Desired inclusions and options
  • Your budget (we can then develop an approach that meets these needs)

If you’re keen to proceed, we then:

  • Sign a joint Preliminary Agreement
  • Invoice an initial deposit for site investigations and the preparation of concept plans.

We follow this process if you’re providing your own architectural design and drawings given that it covers the onsite investigations, as well as preparation of reports and preliminary tender.

At this stage, we also encourage you to seek financial advice regarding borrowing capacity (if you haven’t already, of course). This is so that we can tailor your desired inclusions and options to meet your budget.


What you need to source for Step 1
  • A clear copy of Linen Plan, with DP number or Sales Plan of the land
  • Current Section 10.7 Planning Certificate, (Parts 2 & 5) Certificate, and 88b Certificate (if applicable)
  • Your “wish list” for items to be included in the tender
  • Your proposed House Siting

Step 2 involves:

  • A site contour survey 
  • Site soil/borehole testing and report
  • Obtaining compliance reports in accordance with planning and zoning requirements for the site 
  • Initial concept design for your review

We’ll work through this initial concept design with you before we prepare the tender – this ensures we cover everything on your list, as well as a few other considerations including:

  • Layout – does it meet your lifestyle requirements?
  • The siting and position of the home in relation to site shape, size, slope, aspect and views 
  • Any zoning or restrictions affecting the site
  • Suggestions as to how we can overcome any potential obstacles
  • Inclusions and options you have on your wish list for us to provide within the tender

Following tender preparation, we’ll present it to you at our office.

We understand that this is a big decision, whether you’re a first-time or seasoned buyer. The tender is fixed for 14 days, so we encourage you to take it away for review and consideration.

When you’re happy, we then move on to preparing construction drawings.


What you need to source for Step 4
  • Deposit for the preparation of construction drawings
  • Evidence of funds or lender’s pre-approval, preferably based on the tender amount or maximum available from lender
  • Proof of Ownership of Land, such as a copy of the title, solicitor letter, or rates notice

If you’re providing your own construction drawings, move directly to Step 5. Otherwise, we require at least 3 to 4 weeks for completion.

On completion, with the drawings detailed in accordance with initial design and tender inclusion, we review them with you. Again, we want to be sure all the needs and requirements we both established in the earlier stages of the process have been realised.

Following your sign off the drawings, the drawings are included in the building contract.


What you need to source for Step 4
  • Letter of Finance Offer
  • Proof of land ownership
  • Progress of land registration (if unregistered)
  • Letter of consent to lodge plans from the current landowner (if not settled)
  • Depending on the estate and/or Council requirements, we may also need to finalise external colour selections, landscaping plans, and hydraulic designs, at this stage for development approval

After we prepare the Home Building Agreement (Contract), we’ll arrange an appointment with you to sign.

Following the contract signing and payment of 10% deposit (less previously paid deposits), we arrange to submit development approvals, including:

  • BASIX approval
  • Developer Approval (if applicable)
  • Development application to Council or Commence Complying Development process (as applicable)
  • Water Authority approvals
  • Structural Engineer Drawings

We also coordinate sessions between you and our helpful building partners to finalise internal and external colour selections and other preferences.


What you need to source for Step 5
  • Signed mortgage documents or owner’s capacity to pay
  • Proof of Land ownership

When all building approvals have been obtained, and all specifications and selections documented, we determine a start date and prepare a construction file for the build to commence.


Are you ready? Construction of your brand new Michaelangelo Designer Home can begin.

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