Building Partners

Building is WHAT you know.
But QUALITY building?

That’s WHO you know

We’re proud to work alongside exceptional suppliers, each of whom have been handpicked for their commitment to quality.

For us, true collaboration is about combining intelligent architecture, stunning interior design, and quality workmanship work with the finest finishes and fittings.

It’s about delivering that extra, exquisite detail.

And it’s about trust, quality, and style.

At Michaelangelo Designer Homes, our strong partnerships ensure we deliver all of this and more.

After all, why should you have to decide between value, convenience, and durability? Or between function, reliability, and performance? You shouldn’t have to.

And thanks to partners that share our commitment to excellence, with us you don’t.


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With us, quality inclusions are standard

Working closely with our building partners, we’ve been able to source the very finest fittings and fixtures. We pass the savings on to you so they can form the very essence of your stunning new home.

From construction through to even the smallest internal details, all our inclusions have been handpicked to offer you only the very best.

We believe that quality and value can work hand-in-hand – it’s just the Michaelangelo way.

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